Concert where attendees decide the ticket price upon leaving/Great idea from Springwise – again

Spanish promoters let punters choose their price at the end of the event.
Be agreat idea for Super 15 in NZ !!

Concerts have always been a popular way for music lovers to spend their hard-earned money, and as demand has surged so have the ticket prices. This often means that fans can’t afford to see the bands they love. Spanish promoters Caravana de Emerxenciahave recognized this problem and addressed it through their upcoming gig, where attendees can decide the price of the ticket when they leave.

The concert is taking place on April 4 at Sala Capitol in Santiago, northern Spain. Four bands will be playing on the night –

. At the end of the evening attendees can pay whatever price they think the event deserves.

High ticket prices can sometimes leave fans disgruntled when a concert doesn’t meet their expectations, so could this new enterprise provide a model for future events? Bands such as Radiohead have already used the pay-what-you-want model for an album release. Could we see this consumer-led approach spread across the rest of the music industry?



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