Notes attached to phonecalls refresh the memory of smartphone users. Another smart idea from Springwise

RefreshMe is an app for Android phones that enables users to make notes during conversations.alttext

Many people struggle to remember exactly what point conversations were at when they last concluded. RefreshMe is an app for Android phones that enables users to make notes during conversations to jog their memory the next time they call.

Developed by Germany-based Raanan Nevet, the Android app brings up a detailed history of the previous phonecalls and SMS messages whenever a contact rings. During the conversation, users can make short notes to remind themselves for future calls and these are also displayed before the recipient picks up. If the user is making a call, they can scroll through their contacts and view notes and contact history before they press the green button. The app is available to download for free from Google Play.

Similar to SayWhat – the app that lets smartphone users send a subject line when they make a phonecall – RefreshMe saves time and increases productivity for people whose smartphones are a vital tool for their business. How else can the functionality of simple phonecalls be increased?



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