Infographic – Data-rich and insight-poor, from information to intelligence/From Marketing mag/May 10

The world of marketing is becoming incredibly rich in data, but unfortunately poor in insights. There is currently an influx in customer data, however, the ability to understand all of this new and exciting information hasn’t exactly kept the same pace.
Email marketing company Yesmail partnered with Infogroup Targeting Solutions and surveyed 700 top marketers at the DMA2012 Annual Conference and Forrester Research’s eBusiness Forum last year in the US.
They found that 68% of marketers expect their data-related expenditures to increase in 2013 and 56% of companies surveyed plan on hiring more staff for data specific positions.
The below infographic shows all of the findings.


About Framework Marketing Group

Framework Marketing Group has access to and is able to provide a range of co-ordinated creative thinkers…as and when you need them. It’s a marketing communications company with a toolbox of resources able to be used on an “on-demand” basis. The focus is on communication tools that evaluate brand strategies and interpret consumer behaviour to ensure a consistent and practical brand communications programme. Specifically: 1. Build strategic marketing plans: Understanding market data so strategic marketing plans have practical outcomes and communications to target markets are effective. 2. Communication audits From analysis of all messages – understand how customers really think and then recommend improvements to messages and media channel selection 3. Brand evaluations Establish how robust the brand equity is with each target market so communications to them is relevant 4. Integrate all communication channels Recommend an effective mix of communication channels to achieve economies of scale timing and content compatibility 5. Interpret market research Understand and fix gaps in market knowledge for consumers, customers and staff 6. Sales strategies Develop sales strategies from a foundation of core marketing platforms so all communications to market are complementary to each other
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