Watch: Highlights of the 2013 Creativity Conference

By TIME StaffMay 07, 20132 Comments

17963_130_95.jpgPresident Bill Clinton: American Creativity and the World
now playing

17932_130_95.jpgHarvey Weinstein: The Creator’s Process for Storytelling
17929_130_95.jpgEric Cantor on Public Policy and the Creative Economy
17962_130_95.jpgHBO CEO Richard Plepler on Creative Process for Cable TV
17933_130_95.jpgGeneration Next and the Era of New Creativity
17931_130_95.jpgMicrosoft’s Steven Bathiche Shares a Creativity Tech Demo

On April 26, in a one-of-a-kind event, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) convened leaders from the world of politics, media, business and government to engage in a direct dialogue about the role creativity plays in our economy and in creating the workforce of the future. The Creativity Conference brought together many of the most important artists and innovators of our time from all parts of society for a mediated conversation about spurring growth and opportunity based on creativity.

Panelists and speakers included President Bill Clinton, TIME Managing Editor Rick Stengel, film studio executive Harvey Weinstein, House majority leader Eric Cantor, and the chairman and CEO of the MPAA Chris Dodd. They discussed questions that are fundamental to the future of the country–from the push to develop environments that inspire creativity to how our leaders can harness the power of a workforce that is moving from industrial manufacturing to the tapping of the creative mind.

This year’s event was presented in partnership with TIME and Microsoft. You can also follow the event on Twitter @Creativity_Con #CreativityCon

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Additional speakers and moderators included:

Steven Bathiche, Dir. of Research, Applied Sciences Group, Microsoft

Richard Florida, Ph.D, Founder, Creative Class Group

Fred Humphries, VP, U.S. Government Affairs, Microsoft

Walter Isaacson, President and CEO, The Aspen Institute

Paula Kerger, President and CEO, PBS

Ted Leonsis, Chmn. & CEO, Monumental Sports & Entertainment;

Hadi Partovi, Founder,

Richard Plepler, Chief Executive Officer, HBO

Mitch Singer, Chief Digital Strategy Officer, Sony Pictures

Benh Zeitlin, Director, “Beasts of the Southern Wild”

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