Platform helps businesses recruit relevant research volunteers/from Sprinwise

UserScout connects willing participants with market research projects in one place.


We’ve already seen astronomers and cancer charities tap the crowds to help them with their research, but regular businesses can’t do this so easily. UserScout is a platform that connects willing participants with market research projects in one place.

Businesses that need to trial their products, get feedback from focus groups or do some audience research often offer participants a nominal fee for their time – something which attracts students and part-time workers looking for extra cash. However, it’s often difficult to find the right participants for the project, and for volunteers to discover new opportunities to take part in. Having recently graduated from Asia’s Joyful Frog Business Incubator, Singapore-based UserScout enables volunteers to make their own profiles, where they can fill in their vital details, sign up to projects and receive money and rewards for participating. Businesses can immediately see who fits their criteria, advertise their projects and manage their respondents.

Having launched globally – although the majority of its userbase still lies in Asia – the platform has helped over 1,000 volunteers gain USD 31,250 for participating in research projects, while also aiding businesses recruit the help they need.



About Framework Marketing Group

Framework Marketing Group has access to and is able to provide a range of co-ordinated creative thinkers…as and when you need them. It’s a marketing communications company with a toolbox of resources able to be used on an “on-demand” basis. The focus is on communication tools that evaluate brand strategies and interpret consumer behaviour to ensure a consistent and practical brand communications programme. Specifically: 1. Build strategic marketing plans: Understanding market data so strategic marketing plans have practical outcomes and communications to target markets are effective. 2. Communication audits From analysis of all messages – understand how customers really think and then recommend improvements to messages and media channel selection 3. Brand evaluations Establish how robust the brand equity is with each target market so communications to them is relevant 4. Integrate all communication channels Recommend an effective mix of communication channels to achieve economies of scale timing and content compatibility 5. Interpret market research Understand and fix gaps in market knowledge for consumers, customers and staff 6. Sales strategies Develop sales strategies from a foundation of core marketing platforms so all communications to market are complementary to each other
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