Nivea Print Ad Doubles As Solar Charger In Brazil/


Just when you think you’ve seen everything under the sun, here’s a new one. A YouTube video is now cruising through the clean tech blogosphere, showing Brazilan beachgoers using a . I saw it first on, but it’s showing up elsewhere.

Much of the video is devoted to the famous bathing beauties of Brazil, but there is also an interesting shot of the solar sheets being printed in the factory and the packages being assembled.

I want one of these advertisements/chargers. Last year I bought a mobile solar charger cum battery for about $100 to charge my phone on a four-day canoe trip. It didn’t generate enough power to last the trip, and we had sun for four days. This advertisement looks to be about three times the size of my little PV array, so it might be enough.

More to the point: if solar is getting cheap enough that Nivea can print it as an advertising gimmick, it is likely to be showing up in a lot of other places really soon. Watch for it soon on clothes, backpacks, and hats…


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