Reflections on TEDGlobal 2013: If you thought it lasted for a week, then “Think Again”

TED Blog

The weeks after TEDGlobal require serious debriefing. Throughout the course of the conference — which took place June 10 to 14 in Edinburgh, Scotland — the mind is crammed full of so many fascinating ideas that it takes some time to process them. As we look back on the conference, and continue to post talks from it, the TED Blog wanted to share the incredible slideshow above of images shot at the event by photographers James Duncan Davidson, Ryan Lash and Bret Hartman. (The piece was cut by our own Dian Lofton, to the song “Joyful Jingling” from Espanto.) And below, we invited Katerina Biliouri — the editor-in-chief of TEDxThessaloniki and our TEDGlobal photo assistant — to share her musings on the conference.

By Katerina Biliouri

One extra duffel bag, seven books from speakers, numerous new contacts and tons of new ideas: that was my “overload” while checking in…

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