Printing method works on any surface/from Springwise…

Unicorn Graphics has created a technique for high quality printing on any surface.


We’ve already seen Textspresso print edible ink onto coffee foam, but what about even more difficult surfaces? Unicorn Graphics has created a technique for high quality printing on any surface.

Exhibiting the method – known as ‘spatial printing’ – at GlobalShop 2013 recently, the company displayed examples of images printed onto aluminum duct, wood shingles, silk flowers, fabric rag, and even a pile of paintbrushes. Although the company is keeping the details of its technique close to its chest, it believes that spatial printing could help designers and homeowners upcycle their goods remade out of unusual materials.

This type of printing could also help marketers who want to place their message in uncommon locations, as well as open up interesting new artforms. Are there other uses for this type of technology?



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