Professional Video Production At It's Best

Professional Video Production At It’s Best

Some feel that business video production reached its heyday before such online video services as YouTube and others. Airtime for commercials was simply too expensive to come with anything less than the highest quality video content. A few campaigns seemed to break the mold, including the famous “Go See Cal” commercials featuring a used car salesman riding a pig. Although the content may have been purposely cheesy, the production values were still the highest quality.

Nowadays, anyone can produce a video with their cell phone and publish it on YouTube. Many of these are of course terrible quality and not meant for anything more than a “home movie” type experience for family and friends. However, some of these do-it-yourself video producers show some real talent. Many are upcoming film students who are practicing their craft at this early stage in their careers. They generally feature videos with great storylines and compelling content, which allow the viewers to forgive the bargain basement quality of the production values. This is all possible because the venue has gone from being the most expensive information distribution path to free.

Although these videos can only be appropriate for entertainment purposes, some businesses on a limited budget look toward these strategies as a way to do their advertising. The best advice can only be “just say no”. Experienced marketers understand that they are “branding” a product with their business videos. This means that they are associating an idea or an emotion with a physical product. If they advertise their product without business video production, they may produce an interesting and entertaining video, but the viewers will not forgive the lack of production values – the proper film resolution, staging, and lighting. In fact, their product will be associated with a low quality offering.

For this reason, savvy marketers do not cut corners with advertising. They make sure toproduce the best video advertisements possible by using a professional business video production firm. 2 Minute Films prides themselves on producing quality videos for businesses wishing to get the professional effect their services provide.

Click on the links above or visit their website, www.2MinuteFilms.com to learn more about their production services.


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