Experimenting with the Internet of Things

David Cummings on Startups

As I sat down to write this post I noticed it was warm in the room. Not thinking twice, I loaded up my Nest iPhone app and promptly lowered the temperature for the area. That is, I took advantage of the Internet of Things — the idea that everyday objects become connected to the internet and can communicate in new ways.

Here’s my current list of internet-enabled objects that were traditionally isolated:

  • Tesla Model S – From my iPhone I can control the car’s A/C, sunroof, charging, door locks, see how many miles of range is left on the battery, and see the GPS location overlaid on a map.
  • Nest – The thermostat is tracking our usage patterns to learn how we live so that it can optimize for our lifestyle while saving money on our energy bills. As a bonus, if we go on a trip and set the…

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