So you want to understand Social Media?

So you want to understand Social Media?

By Taylor Gaines

We look to experts (like myself), blogs, news, articles and basically anywhere we can think of to read, teach, and train us about social media.

But there is one MOST important part of learning Social Media that I have yet to see anyone else explain. Go out and experience the world as a consumer! Brands become so obsessed with Facebook ‘likes’ and more followers, that they forgot the most important part…. Socialize!

Pay attention to:
WHAT is the generic consumer sharing
HOW they are sharing
WHERE they are sharing
WHO they are sharing with and
WHEN they are sharing.

That information alone should give your brand a better idea on how to adjust your social media strategy FOR YOUR BRAND. Social Media isn’t a so-called “cookie cutter” strategy. Yes, certain parts always remain the same, but as a whole, each social strategy should be personalized for you.

The sole premise of social media was created for people to connect and socialize. I’m on Facebook purely to talk to friends in other countries. I’m on Instagram visually displaying my adventures, and my interest to friends and followers alike. I’m on twitter searching for new articles and communities I could potentially be apart of. There are many other platforms I’m using as well but you get my point.

So… the main question. How can we adjust our social strategy to make this work for our brand? Simple!

Your brand is a person:
Consumers seek out brands like they search for friends. They are attracted to like-minded individuals (or companies) that have the same interests, like to participate in the same activities, and know, during rough times, that they will have your back (ie. Give promotional discounts).

If your brand was a human being, picture what would they look like. How would they talk? How would they walk? What would they do on the weekends? Etc.

Then formulate your social media strategy around that! Also, don’t forget to engage. That is where most companies fail. Would you want to talk to a brick wall? No. You want to talk to the person who engages in a conversation. So do the same for your brand!

Never tell the same story, the same way, twice:
As a brand/person, you have a voice. You engage in conversation and you share stories across multiple social media platforms

Here is where most brands fail: If you are posting the same text across all your social platforms, you’re doing it wrong!

In different social settings the conversation goes as follows:
– With a friend: “yea I went to a sick party over the weekend, tons of people, made lots of new friends, and it was awesome.”
-With your boss: “I attended an event, made many new connections, and had an overall great time.”

Social Media is no different. It is just a virtual gathering of people looking to connect and share a plethora of information. So look at HOW people are conversing on each platform, and adjust accordingly.


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