Mobile Tops Desktop for Social Sharing

iPhone is the top social sharing device

Mobile is the place where users do a bulk of their social sharing, according to June 2013 research from ShareThis, a social sharing application platform, which monitored social activity across 2.4 million sites within its network. Consumers were nearly twice as likely to click and share content through mobile devices, as compared with the desktop.

Looking at the various social sites, Facebook dominated social shares on both desktop and mobile, at 56.5% and 60.3%, respectively. However, the remainder of sharing on desktop was reasonably distributed across sites. Email took almost 10% of desktop shares, followed by Twitter and Pinterest. On mobile, by comparison, Twitter and Pinterest beat out all other networks—except Facebook—for social shares by a good margin, with Pinterest taking an impressive 18.9% of mobile social sharing.


The study also found that iPhone users drove the greatest percentage of sharing, with 12.4% of users sharing online content on the Apple phone. Just more than 7% of Android users shared via their phone, and 6.3% of BlackBerry users shared via the device.

The iPad saw a notably greater percentage of Pinterest sharing as compared with the iPhone—a reflection of the site’s visually engaging content, which is best viewed on larger-screen devices.


Gigya, a social login application platform, found in Q2 2013 that Facebook dominated social sharing overall for nearly all industries. However, Twitter and Pinterest were also common platforms for sharing certain industries’ content.


Twitter was well represented for sharing media and publishing content, and nearly as common a platform for consumer brand info as Facebook. Pinterest actually beat out Facebook for social sharing of ecommerce content, at a 41% share, and also showed notable sharing usage for the travel and hospitality, and media and publishing industries.

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