Foldable handheld 3D printer can fit in a backpack/article from Springwise of course…

The LumiFold is a small portable 3D printer that can be folded away when not in use.alttext

3D printers can be expensive, and least of all cumbersome to keep in the home. Created with ease of use and practicality in mind, the LumiFold is a small portable 3D printer that can be folded away when not in use.

With a size of just 250 x 120 x 30mm when packed away, the LumiFold is designed for those who require 3D printing facilities on the go, creating objects that are 90mm cubed in size, with a resolution of 0.01mm. Users simply fold out the printing platform and connect the device to a PC and UV projector that can cure light-activated resin. The resin can be placed in any receptacle – the creators suggest a plastic cup – and the open-source software that comes with the device can then be used to determine the printed product’s final shape. The LumiFold also comes with the HoloDock, a holographic display that can be attached to the printer to visualize 3D objects before they’re created, or to show the printing process in real time.

The LumiFold can be pre-order on Indiegogo for USD 390 and the creators hope to develop compatibility with Mac notebooks and smartphones in the near future. 3D printing has finally become a viable option for consumers in terms of price and useability, with other companies such as Dreambox helping anyone to have their designs created on the go through its 3D printing vending machines. How else can the process be made more user-friendly?



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