Speed summary – the wired world in 2014 – Wired magazine’s need-to-know Trends


So here’s a speed summary of Wired magazine’s latest need-to-know tech trends for 2014: The Wired World in 2014 – just published in their must-read end-of-year special edition (in digital and dead-tree media versions).

Okay so it’s a little heavy on tech utopianism, but essential reading nonetheless for keeping up with the Zeitgeist and for future-proofing your business and marketing in 2014.

Each of the 52 headline trends is accompanied by a short essay, but for busy folks here’s a speed summary synopsis of the 52 headline themes and trends that you’ll need to know about in 2014.


1. TV ads that know you intimately – Smart set-top boxes and next-gen games-consoles are bursting with data on their users’ preferences. 2014 will be the year when advertisers harness this information

2. Wearable Tech – The most interesting devices of 2014 won’t come in a box, they’ll be wearable, connectable, and maybe even fashionable (Up, WristQue, Glass, Jet, Muse, Valencell, even remote-groping Fundaware from Durex)

3. Content Sites Become the New Big Media – Online publishing has mostly been a loss leader but that will change with the arrival of targeted ads

4. Your Phone will Know What you Want before you do – Push messaging (Google Now, MindMeld, Urban Airship) will employ your past behaviour to predict your next move


5. The Rise of Made and Marketed in China – As Asian consumer power rises, we will start to see technology products reflecting the needs of other territories

6. Virtual Showrooming – Discovery shopping and pre-production purchasing will change the way we buy goods – and how retailers set our their stalls.

7. Bitcoin becomes more than money – The world’s popular crypto-currency is evolving – expect Bitcoin charity donations, crowd funding and trace payments

8. The Rise of the Fluid Workplace – Office life moves towards a mixture of on-site employees and off-the-peg, remotely accessible workers

9. Bitcoin Fraud gets connected – botnets will profit from the expanded internet of things with more processing power to solve bitcoin-generating algorithms

10. Living within ‘the Doughnut‘ layers – The future of human well-being – inclusive and sustainable economic development – will hinge on a set of social and geographical markers

11. Robotic manufacturing – (Apple’s) unibody machining will mean the end of human help (and sweatshop claims)

12. The World Signs up to Subscriptions – A generational shift in ownership will bring a continuation of the Spotify/Netflix model into other more disparate sectors


13. Doing Stuff will overtake Owning Stuff – experiential economy will further dent competitive consumption; it’s not what you buy, it’s what you do (and who you tell)

14. Multisensory Meals and Digital Dining – Using your phone at the dinner table (for soundtrack, video, info) will be the height of good taste in 2014

15. Hands-free Neurogaming – EEG driven tech will provide an intimate interface between humans and machines

16. Digital detox – Anti digital addiction apps (Pause, StayOnTask, Human Mode) will help digital detoxes and users kick their social media habit and nomophobia (no mobile phone phobia)

17. Learning to Love Living with Less – Urbanites will embrace the simple life from energy efficient micro-apartments to hire-by-the-minute cars

18. Men’s Lib – The next emancipation will be for stay-at-work dads

19. Profit-led Education – Private enterprise will tackle developing world illiteracy – while tapping a potential £31bn market

20. Smartphones go Huge in Africa – The next billion internet users will get online via low cost Android handsets

21. Tech-driven Consumerism – Consumer tech will drive consumerism ever further, from remote controlled flying (toy) cars, electric scooters (Scrooser), and Raspeberry Pi robots to the Scanadu Scout – a smart meter that measures heart and respiratory rates, runs an electrocardiogram and determines blood oxygen levels.


22. Android becomes the new Linux – in just five years Google’s open source OS has come from nowhere to dominance – Gaming and the internet of things are next in its sights

23. New Dimensions in 3D printing – self-assembling structures, adaptive car tyres and responsive sportswear will reshape our future

24. Messaging Apps undermine Social Network giants – there are four times as many images shared on Snapchat than Facebook’s Instagram – Viber and Tango are taking on voice and video native messaging fns

25. Big Data Visualisation – a picture speaks a billion bytes; new apps will enable companies to manipulate and interpret reams of usable data in a flash

26. EmDrive make or break – propellant free propulsion from radiation; truth or fiction – we’ll find out in 2014

27. Drone Helpers – crop-spraying, graffiti-clearing and food-dropping drones show the humane side to remote piloted craft

28. Quantum Cryptography – ultra-secure communication using photons that scramble messages when eavesdropped

29. Smart 3D Printing – sensors embedded into 3D printed materials open possibilities for a new generation of smart objects


30. Augmented Reality boost – Google Glass, contextual computing and machine-vision learning open new frontiers in augmented reality

31. Earth Twin discovery – Kepler scientists hunting Earth’s twin think their research will enter “the Goldilocks Zone” (planets not too hot, not too cold)

32. Rhythmic Genes – Unlocking DNA-RNA transcription flow to better understand cancer

33. Gaming and Sociology – Behavioural scientists will be using online gaming communities to study offline society

34. Dark matter supersensors – Mysterious dark matter that makes up 80% of the universe will begin to reveal secrets with new super sensors

35. Trash transformed – Beginning to build a new relationship with waste to see the value in recycling, upcycling, and reusing

36. Hadron Insights – Beyond the Higgs Boson, the 25 petabytes of data from the Large Hadron Collider will reveal new secrets


37. Transportation Makeover – 2014 is the year when engineers will start making big ideas happen, from nano-tech, electrified roads, elevated buses that run above car traffic to the SF-LA 30 minute Hyperloop and Boeing’s 5.1 Mach WaveRider.

38. Farming Drones – Automated robotic flying machines will tend crops and deliver data

39. Economy Trumps Parks – In the UK, national parks and parklands will be be developed in the interests of boosting the economy

40. Silicon Garage – After a turbulent decade the Motor City declared itself bankrupt, but an influx of entrepreneurs will get Detroit’s economic engine revving again

41. HD Surveillance – 29 mega pixel HD CCTVs, with stream management software will mean we’ll be watched closer than ever

42. Changing Landscapes – Signature engineering feats will transform skylines and landscapes from Dubai’s 516m Pentominium (tallest residential building in the world), to the new Panama Canal, and glow-in-the-dark roads


43. Post-antibiotic – Drug resistant superbugs will cause a rethink in antibiotic dependence with hospital redesign, hygiene and early detection

44. Geocaching vaccinations – Using the principles of GPS global treasure hunts (geocaching) to improve vaccine deployment

45. Gamification of medical training – Simulators will transform surgical instruction – while helping students retain competitive edge

46. POPArt for Aids – ‘Treatment as prevention’ program of prophylactic anti retroviral therapy (POPArt) will help manage AIDS

47. Bioprinting Vaccinations – Portable bioprinters will be able to synthesise vaccinations en-route and in the field.

48. Human Organs, Cloned and Grown – In 2014, breakthroughs in cloning technology will lead to the farming and harvesting of human organs


49. Drone PR – with a bad rap in 2013, military robots will try to lose their war mongering reputation

50. Altruism – the insight that doing good deeds maybe encoded into the human genetic condition will lead to research and insights into cooperative and helping behaviour

51. Start-ups will take on the government – Public private partnerships are doomed, to be eclipsed by innovative marketplace solutions for vital service provision from startups. think Uber, Lyft or Cabify for public services

52. From arms-race to knowledge race – peaceful protestors will use inside information and creativity to combat oppressive regimes


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