NZ Internet Usage 2013 – comprehensive and informative/Originally posted on November 22, 2013 by Michael Carney

The biannual World Internet Project (WIP) has just released its 2013 report for New Zealand (conducted in July-September 2013). 2,006 respondents were interviewed, by phone and Internet, and the results compiled and published by the Institute of Culture, Discourse & Communication, AUT University.

The researchers have dug deeper than ever with this year’s data, and the results show a rapidly-transforming NZ Internet-connected population.

Let’s get the headline statistics out of the way:

  • 92% reported that they currently use the Internet
  • 3% used to use the Internet but do not currently do so
  • 5% have never used the Internet

So far so good, and no great surprises there, especially when compared with previous WIP results. However, with Internet usage at saturation point in NZ, this year’s study looked at the different behaviours of Internet users, splitting them into:

  • Low-Level Users, defined as “those who use the internet but at a relatively low level”
  • First Generation Users, “Internet users who tend to connect through fewer, or more traditional, devices”
  • Next-Generation Users, “Internet users who are highly connected – using multiple, and more mobile, devices to go online”

And the resulting analysis shows that those who might once have been seen as Early Adopters (and thus might be expected to be a relatively small group) are now the second-biggest segment of Internet users:

wip1 NZ Internet Usage 2013

Yes, we’re well on the way to becoming a multi-tasking, mobile-enabled, always-on nation!

This Interweb-thingy is now well-established across all age groups except the Over 75s:

wip0 NZ Internet Usage 2013

Probing further, the WIP study asked users how they accessed the Internet. Turns out one size no longer fits all:

wip2 NZ Internet Usage 2013

Perhaps the most surprising number is that Mobile statistic — more than two-thirds (68%) of NZ Internet users go online via their smartphone, while nearly half (48%) use a tablet (Ahem — that’s why we’ve just launched our new course on The Principles & Practice of Mobile Marketing).

Drilling down further, the WIP survey reveals that Kiwi Internet users (92% of us, remember) have access to a wide range of household devices. Luddites would be shocked.

wip3 NZ Internet Usage 2013

Note that the poor old desktop PC is slowly dwindling down the ratings, as its sexier cousins get all the attention.

We’re also intrigued to see E-readers managing to hit 17% as standalone devices, as ebooks take over from their paper counterparts. That’s not a bad result, considering that most of the other devices shown above (except for game consoles and smart TVs) also offer e-reading software.

Time Spent Online

With all this expanded access, you’d expect to see users spending more time online — and that does indeed prove to be the case:

  • Four out of five internet users (81%) spend an hour or more online at home every day, and more than a third are online from home for three hours or more on an average day.Seven out of ten internet users access the internet from a hand-held mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet. Three out of ten spend three hours or more online from a wireless hand-held device on an average day.

wip4 NZ Internet Usage 2013

How do we use the Internet?

A. For information-seeking:

wip5 NZ Internet Usage 2013

wip6 NZ Internet Usage 2013

B. For entertainment:

wip7 NZ Internet Usage 2013

wip8 NZ Internet Usage 2013

C. For transactions:

wip10 NZ Internet Usage 2013

wip11 NZ Internet Usage 2013

D. And for keeping in touch:

wip9 NZ Internet Usage 2013

(Note the popularity of Instant Messaging as a communications tool. We expect that to rise significantly in future surveys).

Social Network Usage

The WIP study also crunches a few numbers on usage of social media networks, including this Age & Gender analysis which shows the nearly-universal appeal of social media:

wip12 NZ Internet Usage 2013

Finally, with apologies to traditional media, we just wanted to share this graph which highlights the vital role of the Internet as an information source, even for the Over 65s:

wip13 NZ Internet Usage 2013

There’s plenty more data in the report, available here. Check it out for yourself.


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