Concerns remain over programmatic buying/most read white papers for Warc in 2013

Programmatic buying is currently one of the hottest topics in marketing circles, but the most-viewed papers on Warc covering this topic suggest the industry harbours many concerns about the technique.

A report from Advertising Week Europe 2013 touched on many of the core themes at play in this sector, including issues surrounding “remnant” inventory, data ownership and the changing role of sales teams. This was the single most-viewed Warc paper on programmatic buying of 2013.

For more details about the most read papers on Warc in 2013, visit our Most Readpage.

Following on as the second most-downloaded paper of the year was a paper from IAB Engage 2013, where some speakers suggested private exchanges could, if used properly, improve segmentation and optimisation.

Published in January, a piece from Mindshare – taking third spot – correctly predicted real-time bidding would become a major trend, as platforms like FBX, Facebook’s RTB Exchange, prompted a shift in the landscape.

Fourth place went to an article outlining some worries among B2B marketers about the efficacy of real-time bidding – although it did add that this anxiety might diminish as the category becomes more established.

Closing out the top five was a survey by the Winterberry Group which found that 85% of the advertisers it polled are leveraging real-time bidding, largely in a bid to boost the effectiveness of their messages.

For more details about the most read papers on Warc in 2013, visit our Most Readpage.

Data sourced from Warc

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