Evernote is a smart tool to use for organising your 2014


For many of us, getting organized and increasing productivity are big goals in the new year. The good news? You don’t have to make huge, workflow-altering changes in order to work more effectively. Consider the following small steps you can take with Evernote to make 2014 your most productive year yet:

  1. Hold more effective meetings. Create an agenda note in Evernote for each meeting. Include any files that need to be discussed, snapshots of handwritten notes, and any other details to get attendees prepared. If you work on a team, keep your meeting agendas in a sharedBusiness Notebook so everyone can access the details of upcoming meetings and review action items that result from conversations.
  2. Brainstorm better. Whether you’re going solo or working with other people, ideation is often a key step in moving projects forward. When brainstorming, use Post-it® Notes to jot down ideas. Arrange (and rearrange) them on the wall in groups that outline next steps for your projects. Use Evernote on your mobile device to capture them for easy reference.
  3. Expand your skills. Evernote can be a powerful tool for many work-related tasks, both on your own and with your team. Deepen your skills with Evernote @ Work, where you’ll learn new ways to leverage Evernote in your day-to-day tasks. Once you’ve started using Evernote in a new way, share the knowledge with your team members so everyone can benefit.
  4. Go paperless. Make 2014 the year you clear your desk of paper. In addition to eliminating paper clutter and saving space, getting your documents in Evernote makes everything searchable, shareable and accessible from any device. Stay productive from anywhere. TheScanSnap Evernote Edition Scanner makes it easy for you take stacks of business cards, documents and receipts, and get them into Evernote quickly.
  5. Rightsize your tools. To help ensure your productivity, make sure you’ve chosen the edition of Evernote that best supports your efforts. If you work on your own, Evernote Premium lets you upload more information, easily search inside your documents, and access your notes on-the-go (even without an Internet connection). Evernote Business builds on these features and allows you and your team to be more productive, together, by making it easy for everyone to contribute to your company’s shared knowledge.

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