Blogging Is Not The (Only) Answer: Apply What You Already Know, Online/ by Dr S. Gebauer

There is a lot to know about content marketing. Even your offline activities can give you not only content but also help you moving forward your social media activities. Let’s dig in.


Apart from using different avenues to publish content (i.e. guest posting) and answering questions to establish a reputation, there are more ways to utilize the benefits of content marketing. While web 2.0 inspires us to focus a large amount of time and energy online, there is something to be said for all of the work that we do (or have done in the past) offline.

To figure out what to do online, why not step back and look at what you have been doing (offline) all along?

The concept of content marketing is not new and not an invention of social media. Most of us have been part of some form of content marketing in the past – usually in the form of audience engagement. The reality is that you have probably been doing content marketing without calling it by this name. Stepping back and re-thinking about processes, procedures, and behavior in offline content marketing, we can learn many things about how online content marketing functions.

There are basically two things that offline experience has to offer your online ventures: (1) offline experience can translate into actual online content, and (2) online activity can be enhanced by utilizing familiar offline methods.

Connecting your online and offline lives

In order to fully utilize the benefits of offline events, it is important to establish a connection between your offline activities and your online life. If you participate in offline networking events, conferences or publish in magazines, consider adding your social media accounts to your physical handouts and author/speaker bio. Share what is was like to partake in an offline event or work with a particular print publication, via your social media accounts. (Most) people connect faster via social that through telephone or email; take advantage of the convenience of social media and reach out to your offline connections. Besides creating entertaining content for your social media accounts, you are establishing a connection (a potential ally), building your online networks, and strengthening your offline friendships.

An additional bonus is that the offline material – talks, articles, presentations can later be turned into content that can be shared and spread online. (For example: make a video out of your conference talk, republish an article online, or make an infographic out of your slides.)

As you begin to intertwine your online and offline lives, remember theimportance in publishing in connecting the two.

Learn from what you already know

Conferences, business fairs, seminars, magazine publications and interviews are great offline marketing tools; they also give hints on how content marketing works. In the case of offline content (let’s say, a presentation) the initial body of work is only a starting point for conversation; without conversation it is talking at, rather than with your audience. Interaction and communication bring about the real chances to establish connection. Maybe you, too, have experienced that it is easier to connect with others in your industry over a cup of coffee after the presentation, than during the presentation itself.

The same applies when establishing connection through online content and presentation: share your knowledge (in an engaging way), but remember that even after you are published, your work is not done. Hunker down, listen, respond, and connect.

I hope you’ll join me for the final edition of “Blogging is Not the (Only) Answer” next week, where we’ll discuss another option for creating and distributing content that helps to establish expertise, while conjoining a host of your professional knowledge.


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