SEO/SEM Marketing Tactics


SEO and SEM are the current and future push/pull strategies of marketing for the internet. SEO and SEM both deal with the web search engine. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, while SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEO (pull strategy) is the process of gaining traffic from the “free” organic listings on search engines. While SEM (push strategy) is the opposite of SEO, it deals with the process of gaining traffic and visibility through paid search listings. The best example of this is Pay Per Click Ads.

So why must you know these terms and how are they relevant for business? If done correctly and in balance they can grow your business/website exponentially. So how do you incorporate these tactics in your website/marketing plan? First you must focus on the SEO part, think of this as your nuts and bolts of the machine. Google’s search ranking algorithm contains hundreds of ranking factors…

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