Digital Cinema Technology Puts an End to Conventional Cinema/article by John Stevenson in

Digital Technolgy which works on binary bits , have transformed the cinema technology which was in use for centuries


The recent announcement made by American film producers regarding the fact that , from 2014 , all the movies which will be screened and displayed in theaters will be of digital format , has finally nailed the analog cinema technology to coffins . The process of transformation has been in progress for a long time now and around the world, film makers are moving towards digital format.

The major reason, due to which wide number of cinema owners and movie makers has shifted towards the digital technology, is the easy procedure and high quality results. Both of these features were not available in analog system ,where the process of film making was extremely tedious as well when the firms need to be distributed there is a complete long process which need to be followed.

But that era is now finished we now can avail must easier digital movie theater equipment. You can visit purchase digital movie theater systems for your cinemas , replacing conventional systems


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