Are we still crawling in the race of B2B communications?

b2bBy Renita Miranda

In the world of consumerism one finds lesser importance given to B2B marketing. It seems easier to capture and woo the end consumer rather than the stakeholders involved in business to business category. B2B communications is a much neglected and underrated player in the marketing segment, while its counterpart, consumer communications has stolen the show and attracted wealth of many agencies. The B2B category is overshadowed by the heavy weight B2C market which is glamorous and hyped.  B2B seems to be submissive however in reality it is a market where high impact action is incessantly taking place. In this business centric market the most important dilemma is how one communicates to the key stakeholders?

As many industry experts suggest, communications in B2B scenario has to be dynamic and parallel across all media/channels. Marketing and communication tools must be used carefully to engage and educate the consumer. It…

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