Mini Masterclass: Hitting the Mail on the Head – Email Marketing

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One Up Marketing Agency

One Up Mini Masterclass Series

3 Key Steps in Establishing Email Marketing for your Business

Some facts around email marketingemail marketing south africa

  • 95% of online consumers use email & 91% check email daily

  • Excels in ROI – DMA measured an average return of $44 for every $1 spent in US

  • Email has 3 x the total of number of Twitter & Facebook users combined

  • You need an email account for social media!

  • Most popular use for Smart Phones

  • Very targeted, cost effective, customizable and measurable

  • Key in relationship building and consistency, rather than short lifespan

  • It is 5x more expensive to acquire new customers than retain existing

Step 1 – Align Email with your overall Objectives & Strategy

Why – What is email marketing going to do to help you achieve your individual marketing goals? Is it going to provide more channels to engage with your customers to increase loyalty? Are you…

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About Framework Marketing Group

Framework Marketing Group has access to and is able to provide a range of co-ordinated creative thinkers…as and when you need them. It’s a marketing communications company with a toolbox of resources able to be used on an “on-demand” basis. The focus is on communication tools that evaluate brand strategies and interpret consumer behaviour to ensure a consistent and practical brand communications programme. Specifically: 1. Build strategic marketing plans: Understanding market data so strategic marketing plans have practical outcomes and communications to target markets are effective. 2. Communication audits From analysis of all messages – understand how customers really think and then recommend improvements to messages and media channel selection 3. Brand evaluations Establish how robust the brand equity is with each target market so communications to them is relevant 4. Integrate all communication channels Recommend an effective mix of communication channels to achieve economies of scale timing and content compatibility 5. Interpret market research Understand and fix gaps in market knowledge for consumers, customers and staff 6. Sales strategies Develop sales strategies from a foundation of core marketing platforms so all communications to market are complementary to each other
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