Target Marketing: 3 Keys to Creating Device-Agnostic B-to-B Content

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target marketing logo February 12, 2014 – Byline by Gavin Finn, published by Target Marketing Magazine

3 Keys to Creating Device-Agnostic B-to-B Content

Today’s buyers, marketers and salespeople use multiple devices in the course of buying and selling—iPads, laptops and smartphones, to name a few. Shouldn’t it be the goal of all B-to-B marketers to create engaging interactive content that can be created once and reused across as many devices as your budget allows? With today’s purchaser completing 57 percent of the buying cycle before engaging with sales, it has become the responsibility of marketers to adopt the technologies needed to implement the process of one-to-one experiences everywhere, without paying to reformat it for each use.

This article will focus on the top three elements needed to create engaging marketing content that will effectively capture your customers’ attention at every stage of the buying cycle on any device they choose.

1. Reusability: Cross-Device…

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