Top 100 Tools for Learning

great for reference and use…


Do you want to…

…get smarter?

  1. Quora – You ask, the net discusses – with top experts and fascinating back and forth on everything from technology to education.
  2. Youtube EDU – The education videos don’t have cute cats in boxes – but they do unlock knowledge.
  3. Personal MBA – An alternative to an expensive three year program.
  4. Khan Academy – Free elearning in math, science, finance and more. Simple explanations of complicated things.
  5. iTunes U – Learning on the go, from some of the world’s top universities.
  6. Reddit – The best (and worst) of the internet, with upvotes and downvotes.
  7. TED – Not the Seth McFarlane movie, but the annual conference of innovative thinkers. Great videos to open your mind.
  8. OpenSesame – Online marketplace for online training, now with 5,000+ courses for the iPad.
  9. Academic Earth – Get a Stanford education in your pajamas.
  10. Code Academy – This mind-blowing app…

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