California Court Rules In Favour Of Using Cellphone Maps While Driving…


Ha – from TechCrunch and the “only in America file” !! Don’t agree with it but…shows the law sometimes has trouble dealing with technology…might catch on. Thought image was appropriate too!

Good news, Californians. You can now, once again, use Google Maps on your phone while driving. That is, legally. Untilthis court ruling, map use was in a shady legal gray area.

This comes two years after a Fresno, Calif., man was ticketed for looking at a map on his iPhone while stuck in construction. He was looking for an alternative route. As you do. The cop issued the $165 ticket under a law that prohibits listening and talking on cellphones while driving.

The man thankfully challenged the law and won.

The 5th District Court of Appeal reversed the ticket on the ground that the law specifically limits the use of “listening and talking” without the use of a hands-free device, but does not apply to other uses of the phone.


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