How to blog when busy…a useful article by Phil Byrne

In today’s online marketing world, very few people do all of their marketing themselves. In fact there is so much to do within web marketing these days that if we do all of our marketing ourselves we are probably spending very little time doing anything else! This is why you will read the phrase “web marketing team” often on my site. Build the right team and you will be communicating your brand positive message to the right people often. When working with a team, it is also important to use yourself where you are most useful. For most business owners, using themselves where they are most important tends to be focusing on ideas on how to communicate their expertise to the people who can create content from it.

Often the first member of any web marketing team is a writer. There is a simple equation that has always rings true for me in web marketing, that the more words we have online, the more visits we get to our websites. A good writer, commissioned regularly to create new content quickly, becomes a quick winning member of your new web marketing team.

When we are busy in our work this is generally because we are good at what we do. This also means that we have a lot of good things to say within us, which would in turn make great content that our target market would love to read. However, there is no doubt that if you’re busy doing many other things this great content will stay firmly in your mind and never come out into the online world. So, how do you get this content out of your mind and to your writer efficiently….

When Are You In Top Gear?

If you are a busy person, you will find yourself in top gear almost everyday. The first thing to do is note when you find yourself in top gear, what took you there? For me, my top gear comes most often when I chat with my clients and we bounce ideas off one another. For my wife however, she gets all of her best ideas when she finds space and time to meditate. We are all different, but we all have top gears which we find within specific circumstances. Whenever your time is, this is the time to note down your ideas for blogposts.

Brief Your Writer Well

In order to brief your writer well, you should ideally present them initially with a brand brief that explains who you are, what you do, what makes you different and your brand positive qualities. Once they have digested the brand brief, spend some time talking together through the brief, allowing the opportunity for your writer to ask questions on any part of your brief.

Recording and Developing Ideas

From this initial conversation, you now need to find an efficient way to jot down and record ideas quickly. I personally use Evernote to record all my thoughts and store them within a blog ideas folder. Some people prefer simple pen and paper, whichever works best for you, do. Every good writer (fiction and non fiction) will tell you to always have something with you that can record an idea in, we never know when and where these ideas will come from. Just be careful not to lose your ideas if you’re relying on pen and paper!

From these initial ideas, dedicate a time each week where you spend 30minutes trying to open out one or two of the ideas you wrote down. I simply choose the one that hits me at that moment. Try to build each idea out into a series of quick bullet points, aiming towards an overall conclusion that reflects one of the big things you want to say to your audience, one of your brand positive qualities.

Next, speak your ideas into your laptop, phone or tablet and record yourself speaking. Audacity is a free audio software package that can be downloaded from here, and can record you speaking provided your device has an external Mike. You may perfer to video yourself on web cam explaining your ideas. Video can often allow us to explain things better because we can show websites or other external things that reflect the points we are trying to make. Video is especially useful if you work within an industry that most people don’t have a general understanding of. I actually use Dragon Naturally Speaking software to transform my voice into written words and simultaneously create a video of Dragon writing my spoken words onto a word document which onscreen. My VA then checks over the final video, correcting Dragons mistakes and enhancing my overall clarity. Whatever method you choose, the idea is to develop a system that allows your chosen writer to create good blog posts from your initial ideas and steers.

Once written, you’ll then need to check over the final blog post. Many writers will also offer to post your blog post for you as part of their service. You may equally want to post your own blogs, the choice is yours.

Turn Being Busy Into A Content Creation Asset

The more you blog the more you will get your ideas out there for the world to see. Blogging allows us to communicate our ideas in far more depth than any other form of marketing. It’s a great way for new clients to discover you and existing clients to discover more about you.

Overall, I’m always delighted to meet people who claim to be too busy to blog. They always have so much to say about what they do. If this is you, then congratulations, you have the makings of a successful online business and website blog. Start building your online team, find your writer, and turn the two of you into a powerful content creation team. Transform you been busy into an engaging asset for you and your business.


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