There are 12 types of social media personalities…


Everyone reading this has a relationship with social media—whether it’s healthy, obsessive, or estranged.

These relationships inform a particular social media personality.

According to a survey by U.K.-based online bank First Direct, there are 12 social media personalities, ranging from “ultras” to “virgins.” The “ultras,” for instance, are deeply infatuated with sites like Twitter and Facebook.

“They are fanatically obsessed with Facebook or Twitter,” the study said. “They have smartphone apps and check their feeds dozens of times a day—even when at work.”

First Direct reached these conclusions by conducting an “in-depth, monthlong experiment, where people were focused to change their social media habits, and on an associated nationwide survey, examining people’s social media attitudes and behaviors.”

Don’t worry about fitting perfectly into one category. You’re probably a combination of several personalities, according to Dr. David Giles of Winchester University in the U.K.

“Most people using social media will display a combination of those personality types, and they may even behave differently on Facebook, for example, to how they behave on Twitter,” he said in a press release.

Here are the 12 types compiled into an infographic. What do you think—do they ring true?


Written by Michael Sebastian



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