The new CMO: customer service, product development, sales, data … oh, and branding /from

The new CMO: customer service, product development, sales, data … oh, and branding

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April 1, 2014 10:31 AM
John Koetsier

In the good old days of fat cats and see-gars and THREE TV NETWORKS the chief marketing officer’s job was easy, if it even existed at all: brand, positioning, and placement on TV, newspapers, magazines, plus maybe some radio.

Done, martinis at noon, see you at the golf course for tee time at three.

Not any more. Today’s CMO has increased responsibility for revenue and that, plus the new complexities of social and mobile and web, has increased involvement in all aspects of what his or her company does, according to a new study by Deloitte andExactTarget (’s marketing cloud).

new cmo responsibilities

“Marketing may be signing up for big numbers, but the customer purchase journey is splintered across product, sales, and service,” the study says. “Many CMOs are faced with a conversion path they don’t entirely own.”


About Framework Marketing Group

Framework Marketing Group has access to and is able to provide a range of co-ordinated creative thinkers…as and when you need them. It’s a marketing communications company with a toolbox of resources able to be used on an “on-demand” basis. The focus is on communication tools that evaluate brand strategies and interpret consumer behaviour to ensure a consistent and practical brand communications programme. Specifically: 1. Build strategic marketing plans: Understanding market data so strategic marketing plans have practical outcomes and communications to target markets are effective. 2. Communication audits From analysis of all messages – understand how customers really think and then recommend improvements to messages and media channel selection 3. Brand evaluations Establish how robust the brand equity is with each target market so communications to them is relevant 4. Integrate all communication channels Recommend an effective mix of communication channels to achieve economies of scale timing and content compatibility 5. Interpret market research Understand and fix gaps in market knowledge for consumers, customers and staff 6. Sales strategies Develop sales strategies from a foundation of core marketing platforms so all communications to market are complementary to each other
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