Baby Boomers

Media Dreamer

After spending some time researching and writing about how important the Millennial is to advertisers, I realized I had completely neglected the importance of an arguably even more lucrative source of business now: The Baby Boomer.

Who is the Baby Boomer?

Born between 1946 and 1964, over 77 million people were born into the Boomer generation. This massive group of young people became teenagers and young adults in the 1960’s during a time that epitomized cultural change and political unrest.  Whether they stood front and center or sat glued to their Radio and televisions, They were witness to some of the most historical events in our nation. From assignations, to moonwalks, foreign war, to civil rights movements and then there was Woodstock. This is a generation responsible for changing a nation.

By 2020 there will be more people over 65 years of age than under age 15.  We will have become a society…

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