The New Rules of Marketing and PR

The Key Point


The New Rules of Marketing and PR, Fourth Edition

by David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott is an experienced marketing executive who says that interruption-based marketing techniques are ineffective. “I’ve done it the old way. It doesn’t work anymore.” Under the new rules, marketers publish their own content and speak directly with buyers.

“The Internet has made public relations public again… Your newsroom is for your buyers, not just the media… By building a media room that targets buyers, you will not only enhance those pages as a powerful marketing tool but also make a better media site for journalists.”

I love what Scott says about clarity and authenticity. “Don’t get trapped by your own jargon; think, speak, and write like your customers do… Unfortunately, most newsrooms are chock-full of jargon, three-letter acronyms that I don’t understand, and other egocentric nonsense… I’m just too busy to decipher gobbledygook.” He…

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