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These smart headphones sound better than Beats & let you chat with musiciansGary Chen, a serial entrepreneur in China’s music industry, never believed digital music content could be a significant revenue source for musicians.

But fans who’d buy anything related to stars they like can be a huge revenue stream. So Chen wants to help musicians worldwide bytaking advantage of the mobile Internet and smart hardware trend to engage the willing payers.

Half a year after its founding, his company is launching VOW, an Android-powered smart headphone, and StarChat, a mobile app for musicians to interact with their fans.

The search results returned by the Google music search would direct users to, an online music site run by Chen’s team and funded by Google China, to download authorized digital tracks., in return, shared advertising revenues generated from Google AdSense with labels or other music rights holders.


Many online services have tried to help musicians reach users directly so as to get rid of all the…

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