Digital Marketing Trends 2015

Digital Marketing 4 Numpties

Digital Marketing Trends for 2015- Valuable Insights

digital marketing trends

It is hardly a ground-breaking statement to say that marketing has undergone more changes in recent years than it has in the preceding hundred. While it may be overwhelming at times, even to the tech savvy modern marketer, it is vital that businesses stay current with any relevant technological advances within the marketplace. While over whelming at times, remaining current allows marketers to avail of the many opportunities available to them as a result of these changes.

Listed below are some trends predicted for 2015 which may assist marketers better prepare for some predicted up-and-coming developments in the near future. There is some overlap here as some trends are being carried through from previous years, others are more recent predictions, particularly those involving the use of mobile devices within e-business.

Content Marketing

“Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable…

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