Why It Worked: How a Blog Post Got 2,214 Views and Spiked Sales

HMR Marketing Solutions

How 1 Blog Post Got 2,414 views &Have you ever published a blog post you thought would catch fire, only to hear crickets? That happens all too frequently.

So when a blog post that I wrote for a client went “viral”, I decided to analyze why it worked.

Last month,“26 Tips to Reduce Hand Numbness for Motorcycle Riders” got 2214 visits, 140 social shares, and dozens of new customers for a 75 year old glove manufacturer.  Here’s why.

Writing About a Customer Pain Point — Literally

The first step in the process was choosing a relevant topic.

Based on prior research, I knew that wrist pain plagued motorcycle riders. But discovering a conversation about “hand numbness” in a popular motorcycle forum renewed my interest.

      “Does anyone else here get hand pain?”

This discussion had 136 comments in a week, and was extremely active.  It turned out to be a golden topic!

Research, Write, Publish, Promote

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