Better Strategies Become Apparent With Customer Interactions

David Cummings on Startups

Back when Adam and I started Pardot in March of 2007, the original idea was to build a lead generation as a service product where we’d generate leads for technology companies and sell them to multiple vendors. For the business model, the goal was to spend $100 on Google PPC ads to generate one qualified lead (e.g. someone searching for the term “email marketing”) and we’d in turn sell that lead to five companies that fit the buyer’s needs for $50 each (so, turn $100 into $250).

Within six weeks we’d built a prototype system that managed simple landing pages and had light business rules to forward leads to different companies. Google happily took our money for AdWords ads and we ended up spending several thousand dollars to get our first batch of leads in the system. With leads in hand, we then went to technology vendors and said we had a few qualified…

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