‘Shhh’ Turns Off Phone Notifications so you can focus on the meeting!!/By Marnie Kunz/in Des ign

‘Shhh’ Turns Off Phone Notifications for Better Bonding Time

App automatically shuts off your mobile device to allow you to pay full attention to others

If you’re tired of people texting and playing with their phones during conversations, there is a solution in the works – Shhhh, an app that automatically turns off notifications when you’re in the presence of family or friends. Shhhh eliminates the distraction of incoming emails, texts and push notifications by using GPS technology to detect when you are with others. The app can be customized with timer settings and friends and family profiles, so you decide who gets what amount of your undivided attention.


Shhhh works by automatically turning off phone notifications when you enter specific locations such as your home or a friend’s house. The app also turns off your notifications when it detects a friend in the vicinity. This way you don’t have to open the app every time you want to get a break from your phone and focus on loved ones. When you are in Shhhh mode and alerts are turned off, the polite app sends replies to anyone who texts or calls to let them know you are spending time with those you care about. When you return to regular mode, your alerts will come through.


Shhhh encourages focusing on your loved ones by offering gentle reminders to phone-checkers. If you access your phone while it’s in Shhhh mode, a reminder to focus on your companion will pop up. As you spend time with loved ones and your alerts are turned off, Shhhh keeps track of your hours with a little heart that grows the more time you spend bonding.


Your friends can join Shhhh as well, and then you can see when they’re available by checking the app. If a friend is in Shhhh mode, the app will let you know so you don’t bother them. You can customize the app for specific people, setting a bonding timer to different time lengths depending on the person you are with. You can also customize your Shhhh away message, and you can even set your app to respond that you are unavailable more frequently to certain people who you do not want to spend a lot of time replying to.

Shhhh, which was developed by Ilwon Yoon, is still in the beta testing phase and a release date has not yet been announced.



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