Plastc is a single payment card for everything/from Springwise.

Plastc is an all-in-one payment solution, which features an e-ink touchscreen and remote security through users’ smartphones.


With the growing number of credit, debit, loyalty and membership cards consumers need to carry round, as well as cash, wallets are becoming bigger by the day. On top of it, they also need to remember which is the best card to use for each payment. We’ve already written about the Wallaby, a digital wallet that combines users’ credit cards and automatically selects the best one to use. Tackling the same issue, Plastcis another all-in-one payment solution, which features an e-ink touchscreen and remote security through users’ smartphones.

Plastc is capable of storing the information from any card — whether it’s a bank card or even just a hotel key or travel card. It’s equipped with an NFC-chip and an e-ink touchscreen that allows users to simply swipe between their desired payment option. Alongside the PIN codes that consumers already use for their bank cards, Plastc requires its own PIN to be entered before use, meaning that it offers an extra layer of security in the event of it being stolen.

The card can be connected to the Plastc Wallet app which will give users benefits such as proximity-based alerts and remote security. An option called ‘Return mode’ can be switched on in case users lose their card. It allows them to remotely erase all the data and sync it later on when it’s either found or returned. Additionally users can track their spendings and control their finances across all cards in one place. The company has worked with companies such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express to ensure the card is accepted wherever the usual debit and credit cards are. It can be pre-ordered for USD 155 and is expected to be delivered by the Summer of 2015.

Watch the video below to see the Plastc card in action:

With the wallet slowly being taken over by other options such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay, Plastc could provide another option to make payments and money management easier. Are there other ways to make payments more seamless for both consumers and retailers?



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