Customer Service Gone Digital

nancy maffucci

When it works. It’s magical.

image of aladin's lamp for blogThink about the last time you ordered merchandise online. If you are like me, you get a kick tracking where the new merchandise is moment to moment. “Oh look! It’s been loaded on the truck!” Followed by “Your shipment is out for delivery.” Then, best of all, “Your package will be delivered by 2pm!” It’s simply terrific for everyone—the merchant, the shipper and the customer.

Yet, customer service today can be tricky. Establishing that delicate balance between digital technology and personal interaction is critical. Especially now. Here are a few examples of how even the best intentions can go awry.

Where have all the cashiers gone?

I’m puzzled why some retail chains feel compelled to follow the Walmart “greeter” model. It works for Walmart because of its size and scale; and, because it has nailed the check-out experience. A relative newcomer to this retailer…

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