Millennials And The Mobile Work Movement| By |Lori Hil


As I type this, I’m sitting in a café in Ecuador in the Sierras. And while the Internet connection is slow and my laptop has its quirks, I have to marvel at the technology. It’s technology that allows me to do what I love, write and connect with people, while on the go. As visions of walking The Great Wall, climbing Machu Picchu, and meandering through the cobblestone streets of Venice dance through my head, I know that I can bring others on the adventure with me.

How? Through a handheld device, my cell phone. Think about it. We take technology so much for granted as millennials because we’ve grown up with it, but it is a sort of magic to know you can connect with almost every soul on earth via a six-inch rectangle in your pocket. Do you think Alexander Graham Bell had any idea? I don’t think…

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