Blogcasting makes interesting conversations easy to publish

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IsraelUnited States 8 Oct 2015

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Bloggers can generate more site traffic by featuring guest interviews and expert opinions, but organizing such opportunities can be difficult. ReplyAll uses a combination of email and podcast-style conversations to create ‘blogcasting’.

ReplyAll is based on the principle that when interesting people have conversations, they create content that people will want to read. However, co-ordinating such panel-style events can be problematic, so their solution is blogcasting. Taking the conversational approach of podcasts and creating content that can easily be broadcast on users’ blogs, the process is as simple as hitting the ‘reply all’ tab in email.

The people users want to interview for their blog are sent an email invite, who then choose whether or not to participate in a conversation. This removes scheduling problems, costs of recording and the pressure of speaking live. ReplyAll can be embedded in users’ websites so that conversations can unfold live as replies come in, increasing the likelihood of repeat visits to their site. Those following the conversation are able to participate, too. Users send a reply and if the ‘cast’ of the conversation deem it a worthwhile point, their contribution is also published. Zach Abramowitz, co-founder, explains that this isn’t just a more elaborate forum platform: “There are a lot of platforms for people to create content as individuals. What you can do on ReplyAll is collaborate with other people to create content between people who have an interesting relationship”.

ReplyAll’s approach to generating interesting content at low costs makes collaborating easier for users who don’t have large budgets or free time, while enabling bloggers to land famous guest spots more likely. How else could blogging be enhanced?

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