Marketers Are Bullish on Pay-per-Click Channels Paid search works/e-Marketer

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, including text ads, remarketing and mobile ads have performed better than expected for many marketers this year, leading to 2015 investments that were larger than initially planned. And research suggests those results will lead to even greater spending levels next year.
Primary Attitude Toward Pay-per-Click (PPC) Success and the PPC Market in 2014 vs. 2015 According to US Marketing Professionals (% of respondents)







According to Hanapin Marketing, most US marketing professionals are happy with the way PPC advertising has worked out for them so far this year. In August, nearly eight in 10 said 2015 PPC success was “really good,” with another 20% rating it “fair.”

A solid majority also rated this year’s PPC market better than 2014’s.

Most Important Pay-per-Click (PPC) Channels for Advertisers According to US Marketing Professionals, Aug 2015 (% of respondents)

Text ads were the most important PPC format for respondents, followed by remarketing ads and mobile ads.

Like email, PPC ads—especially paid search in the form of text ads—can seem unsexy, but still deliver results for marketers and rank consistently high among spending priorities. Nearly 75% of respondents to the Hanapin Marketing survey planned to increase spending on AdWords in the next 12 months, and 60% planned to spend more on Bing ads.

The Relevancy Group found in April that 72% of US marketing executives considered paid search one of their two most effective channels for delivering revenue results—in a survey that included traditional media as well as digital. More than half of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers surveyed in November 2014 by Webmarketing123 said they could prove clear ROI from paid search—more than for any other digital channel mentioned.

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