Personalization Matters: Pitching a Marketer via Cold Email? Do Your Homework

Personalization Matters: Pitching a Marketer via Cold Email? Do Your Homework
Alex Salkever

Alex Salkever

Head of Marketing at Silk


Dec 1, 2015

As someone who runs marketing at a cool company, I get pitched for services all the time. Unfortunately, most of them are truly terrible. Which pains me because using a modicum of smarts and efforts, they might garner a better response. In general, I believe fully automated pitches SIMPLY DO NOT WORK. Below is a pitch I received today with my commentary.

Hi Alex,

Got my name right. Good start.

I was doing some research and noticed that you head up marketing at Silk.

Really? You noticed it? I have trouble believing it was accidental in any sense.

I was curious, are you struggling to drive demand and measurable results through your content?

Cut to the chase. So you are a content marketing agency and you don’t know how to properly use a comma? That’s not a good sign. And do you realize how canned and generic this sentence actually is? Do you even know what might constitute measurable results for me? Do you know what my product actually is? I would have to guess you probably don’t.

At NAME OF PROMINENT MARKETING AGENCY DELETED we hear time and time again how most marketing teams cannot drive measurable demand through their content, which is something we’ve fixed for brands such as Qualtrics and New Balance.

So if you had bothered to check our blog, you might have noticed I write a lot of our content. Rather than use these generic terms, maybe mention a blog post or two I’ve written? Or ask me how they worked? And again – this is a really long sentence. Didn’t your read all the content marketing guides about how to properly structure sentences in email pitches? (short, punchy). Also, how do you know if those two “brands” are relevant to me? Am I a sneaker company? Or an enterprise survey company? Or am I both?

Do you have a few minutes this afternoon so I can share a few ideas on how Silk can produce measurable results through content?

Probably not. It’s pretty hard to drop everything for a canned email from a person that hasn’t bothered to do the first bit of research about me and my company. But if you want to email me a few specific tips about how could grow users (and had done so in the first email) , I might have responded and scheduled a time. Might have. Only if you replied with proper grammar. 🙂


PS: If you don’t want to hear from me again, please CLICK HERE

Yup, clicked that button. Bye.


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