Apps Dominate Mobile Internet Time in Australia App time outpaces browsing by almost 10 times/e-Marketer

Smartphones are tops for time spent online in Australia, and within the mobile universe, apps are the big winner.
Monthly Time Spent with Smartphone Browser vs. Apps Among Smartphone Users in Australia, Sep 2015 (hrs:mins)

According to Nielsen and the Interactive Advertising Bureau Australia (IAB Australia), smartphone users in Australia spend nearly 10 times as much time with mobile apps as with mobile browsers.

Smartphones are also the dominant internet access device in terms of time spent among internet users as a whole, the study found. Internet users spent an average of just under 35 hours per month going online via smartphone. That compared to less than 26 hours per month using a tablet or a PC.

Facebook is the big winner when it comes to smartphone apps. It was the No. 1 app in the country in terms of unique audience, followed closely by Facebook Messenger, its own messaging app. Facebook was also the No. 2 site visited by smartphone users in Australia via mobile browser.

Overall, Nielsen and the IAB Australia reported that social media accounted for 39% of smartphone time in Australia. In second place, entertainment (excluding games) made up 15% of smartphone time, followed by gaming at 12%.

Earlier research from the IAB Australia, conducted in July 2015, found that internet users in the country do spend more time with desktop and laptop computers than with smartphones—taking into account not just time spent online, but all time with the devices. In that research, smartphones averaged 1 hour 46 minutes of usage per day among smartphone owners, while desktop and laptop computers were used by more than 3 hours per day among the PC-owning population.

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