Facebook usage data in New Zealand/Ro Parker

Facebook usage data in New Zealand

Roanne Parker

The first release of New Zealand-specific Facebook usage data was shared by Head of Facebook New Zealand, Spencer Bailey mid-April 2015. We might get an update from them again soon, or we might not – deep-dive consumer insights have been regularly shared in other countries but New Zealand’s numbers have historically been jumbled in with our bigger Aussie neighbours.

As Facebook is expanding it’s investment and staff on the ground here in New Zealand, they’ve realised that helping marketers make a stronger business case and secure more social media budget is in their best interest. In the meantime I am asked this so often that I am re-publishing the original article I wrote then to remind you that this data is available and it’s as good as we can get at this time.

  • In New Zealand 2.5 million people access the site each month
  • 1.9 million kiwis access Facebook every day
  • 1.5 million of those are accessing from mobile device
  • Average daily visits = 14

Yes, 14 times a day. For every person checking in one or two times a day there must be some who log in to their account every 15 minutes, because the Facebook insights showed New Zealand usage at an AVERAGE of fourteen times every day.

  • 82% of New Zealand-based mums use Facebook every day.

Kiwi mums love Facebook. This representation is likely to contribute to another finding – that the most popular categories of FB content include food & recipes, and beauty & fashion. Busy mums often miss out on a degree of socialising in real life, so it’s not surprising we see 79% of users say the main purpose of their Facebook page is to stay connected to people, and the same number want to‘reconnect’. Other highlights:

  • 84% of New Zealand students under 25 use Facebook every day.
  • 91% of 25 – 34 years old kiwis access Facebook on mobile.

Mobile visits make up 81% of all Facebook traffic in New Zealand, and for the 25-34’s, that’s 91%. Improvements to the mobile use experience have been a prioirty for some time because 78% of Facebook’s global ad revenue is now from mobile advertising.

  • 51% use Facebook while they watch television.
  • 71% or people use Facebook to be ‘entertained’.
  • Around 50% of users want to meet new people.

Image Credit NZ Herald

What does this mean for marketers?

In a nutshell Facebook has all the eyeballs (.) (.) , and if you want to reach those peepers Facebook’s AdManager is the way there. Paying for reach and resourcing great content will at least get you the opportunity to connect deeply into your own fan base and across targeted demographics. Leveraging Facebook to reach your target audience with advertising, and where relevant to build awareness and engagement, is a must for consumer brands.

The golden rules of Facebook remain the same:

  1. Facebook make the rules. Facebook is a ‘rented’ channel. No matter how engaged your audience is, and how much you spend to build it up, Facebook will continue to own the right to communicate to them, which you must pay to access. It’s a bit like FlyBuys versus your own loyalty programme. They have the audience, and they charge you for the right to access it, even though it is YOUR customers you are talking to
  2. Balance telling and selling in favour of telling, or leave the selling to another channel altogether.
  3. It’s not just about the numbers. Engaging and educating people who do buy, or who will buy what you are selling is more important than getting 1000 nobodies to share your competition. You can make sure this happens by integrating your sales and digital activity off Facebook and drawing people to participate there (on-pack or POS promotion for example), alongside drawing people who are already browsing to come over to see you.
  4. Quality is more important than quantity. One engaging post per week is far better than three that languish unloved and ignored.

This brings us to the last Golden rule:

Apply your best thinking, your overarching business strategy and at LEAST as much money, time and resource as you spend on social media, towards the digital channels you own.

Building your own content channels and database means no one can tell you you used too much text on your image, or that it will cost you xxx per person to say what you need to say, or that you will compete with dozens of other brands on the same page.

Our advice is always to include sending targeted, relevant, personal and anticipated email communications at key points in the lifecycle of the prospect and customer. A commitment to strong database/CRM growth can put you ahead of your competitors and the channel will deliver the singular attention of your audience.


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This article was first published on 23 April 2015 on the Calibrate blog https://www.calibrate.co.nz/blog/world-first-report-of-facebook-use-in-new-zealand/


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