The average multi-device user in Australia now has four or more devices/e-Marketer

Internet Users in Asia-Pacific Are Collecting More Devices

Multidevice users in Australia had more internet access options than their counterparts anywhere else in Asia-Pacific during H2 2015, according to data from programmatic buying service provider Appier. Nearly six in 10 had four or more devices including PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Number of Devices Owned by Multidevice Users in Asia-Pacific, by Country, H2 2015 (% of total)







An additional one in five multidevice users in Australia had three such devices, meaning 78% had at least three internet access channels. Multidevice users in Taiwan were about equally likely to have three or more options, but just 45% of them had four or more.

Similarly, in Japan, Singapore, South Korea and the Philippines, more than half of multidevice users tapped more than two devices for internet access. In the rest of the markets studied, however, two devices were the norm. For example, nearly six in 10 users studied in India and Indonesia had just two devices. And in Vietnam and Indonesia, only around 10% of multidevice users had four devices or more.

What multidevice users do on their various devices depends significantly on the market. In Hong Kong, for example, 73% of users on the Appier network exhibited “highly similar behaviors” on all of their devices, along with 64% of those in Japan. But in Vietnam, 62% of multidevice users exhibited “completely different behaviors” on each device, as did 51% of those in Taiwan.

Multidevice Users* in Select Countries in Asia-Pacific Who Exhibit Highly Similar** Behaviors Toward Digital Ads Across Devices, H2 2015 (% of multidevice users* on the Appier network)

These multichannel behaviors, however, do not appear to be stable over time. During H1 2015, Appier found fewer different behaviors in Taiwan, and the most similarities in Singapore and Australia. And six months earlier, the same study found users in Australia behaving completely differently.

Appier’s findings over time indicate multidevice users are adding items to their digital collections. In H2 2014, for example, fewer than half of multidevice users in Australia had three or more such devices—compared with 78% a year later.

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