Products and Services

  1. Full Consultancy options for larger projects.  A short or long-term consultancy; a marketing workshop or customer research. Projects are scoped so your marketing communications is more customer-focused, brand consistent and coordinated.               View one-pager with options: 2018.fmg-schedule-of-services

    2. A one-on-one Marketing “Warrant of Fitness” programme. If your current                       business marketing is a haphazard and there’s no time to construct a sensible                     marketing plan…this programme will help you be more organised. It’s ideal for                   smaller businesses and Owner-Operators who need marketing advice.                                         View one-pager with options: 2018.fmg-marketing-warrant-of-fitness-programme

    3. A simple marketing Coaching Service. If your marketing is on auto-pilot then                  having an expert as a “sounding board” for you is very effective to help sort                          marketing options and make you more accountable for your own business.                                View one-pager with options: 2018.fmg-marketing coaching programme


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