Short video clips & links plus best of

This blog site you are reading contains recent articles; interesting comments on current marketing issues, new ideas and feedback polls on marketing.

I keep a separate blog site for short video clips & links plus a range of the latest and interesting presentations from that brilliant site

It’s a Google site so either “click “ or “cut & paste into your browser” the link below:

It’s worth a look…only a few videos to choose from and frequently updated and refreshed.

For example:

1. Two videos, each about 15 mins of presentations by Sir Kenneth Robinson.

He’s a renowed Pommie University Professor with a whole new take on education and learning…talks about schools and Universities but applies his theories very easily to consumers in the real world so we can better understand how marketing messages can be delivered!!

One is titled “Bring on the learning revolution” and the other is “Schools kill creativity!”

2. Then there is an easy to understand, non-boring video by Tim Jackson on “An economic reality check”

3. And for the book “What Would Google Do”…a very good video slide review…saves you reading the book and has some good ideas on how to use interesting slides in presentations.


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