The Big List of Video Marketing Statistics from 2015


It’s finally 2016! And if you’re like us then your marketing plans are in full swing for the upcoming months. But the question is: is video a part of your marketing efforts for 2016?

We think it should be.

One of our big focuses for the year is to help our fellow video makers understand why video is an important part of their marketing efforts. In an effort to convey this message we found ourselves looking for every possible video marketing statistic. (Because ya know, stats are a marketer’s best friend).

So if you find yourself looking to convince a colleague, friend, or anti-video maker why they should embrace more video in the New Year, share some well researched stats with them.

Video Marketing Statistics from 2015

video-marketing-statistics-from-2015-1.pngSource: Forbes

“59% of viewers will watch a video to completion that is less than one minute.” – Wistia

“92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others.” – Invodo

“39% of executives have called a vendor after watching a video.” – Forbes

video-marketing-statistics-from-2015-2.gifSource: Forbes Insight

“When marketers included a video in an email, the click-through rate increased by 200% – 300%” – Forrester

“The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video.” – CodeFuel

“300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.” – YouTube

“64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.” – comScore

video-marketing-statistics-from-2015-3.jpgSource: Socialmouths

“Visitors who view videos stay on web sites an average of 2 minutes longer than those who don’t view videos.” – comScore

“Homepage videos are shown to increase conversion rates by 20% or more.” – ReelSEO

“Using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%” – Unbounce

“Mobile makes up almost 40% of global watch time on YouTube.” – YouTube

video-marketing-statistics-from-2015-4.jpgSource: Brainshark

“6 billion hours of video are watched monthly on YouTube.” – YouTube

“1.8 Million words is the value of one minute of video.” – Dr. James McQuivey, Forrester

“Only 24% of brands are using online video to market to consumers.” – Kantar Media

“Last year the amount of video from people and brands in Facebook’s News feed increased 3.6x year-over-year.” – Facebook

video-marketing-statistics-from-2015-5.jpgSource: Brainshark

“Social Media Examiner recently asked marketers which forms of content they most want to learn about in 2015. Creating original visual assets took first place, followed by producing original videos.” – SME

“In 2014 the use of video content for B2B marketing increased by 8% to 58%, while the use of infographics topped the adoption list increasing in usage by 9% to 52%.” – DemandGen Report

“The popularity of whitepapers as a B2B content marketing format is actually declining in relation to more interactive, easily digestible formats such as video.” – B2B Content Marketing Report

“93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales or communication.” – Brainshark

video-marketing-statistics-from-2015-6.jpgSource: Eloqua

“B2B and B2C marketers all over the world say video is one of the top 3 most effective social media marketing tactics.” – Brainshark

“65% of video viewers watch more than 3/4 of a video.” – Syndacast

“Videos appear to be more prominent as they contain an eye-catching thumbnail image encouraging more clicks.” – Syndacast

video-marketing-statistics-from-2015-7.jpgSource: CMI

“69% of smartphone users say videos are a perfect solution for smartphone viewing as it offers a quick way for consumers to grasp an overview of a product.” – Syndacast

“45.4% of Internet users view at least one video online over the course of a month.” – comScore

“75% of executives told Forbes they watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week.” – Forbes

“78% of people watch videos online every week.” – MWP

video-marketing-statistics-from-2015-8.jpgSource: Vidyard

“16 minutes and 49 seconds – how much time the average user spends watching online video ads every month.” – comScore

“50% of executives watch business-related videos on YouTube.” – Forbes

“55% of people watch videos online every day.” – MWP

“More than 80% of senior executives watch more online video today than they did a year ago.” – Forbes

video-marketing-statistics-from-2015-9.gifSource: Digital Information World

“54% of senior executives share work-related videos with colleagues at least weekly.” – ReelSEO

“69% of marketing, sales and business professionals have used video marketing and another 31% are planning to.” – Demand Metric

“A massive 81% of people feature their video on their brand website.” – Demand Metric

“96% of B2B companies are planning to use video in their content marketing over the next year.” – Merchant Marketing Group

video-marketing-statistics-from-2015-10.gifSource: Socialmouths

“67% of marketers found video marketing somewhat successful. 18% found video marketing very successful.” – Demand Metric

“48% of the most successful video creators have five or more years of experience creating videos. In contrast, only 25% of less successful creators have five or more years of experience, and 48% have fewer than three years.” – CMI

“45% of marketers said they use a combination of outsourcing video production and creating videos in-house.” – CMI

“94% of those who are currently creating videos say they will either increase or maintain their video creation budget during the next 12 months.” – CMI

So there you have it. Video marketing made a big splash last year and is set to see an increase in adoption in 2016. However, companies are still tasked with the challenge of successfully incorporating video as a part of their marketing plans.

That’s why we partnered with the Content Marketing Institute to develop a custom research report on how marketers can start smart, scale up, and stand out by using video as an intelligent piece of a content marketing approach.

Download the report for free now!

Have more statistics on why video is an important part of marketing? Share them with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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Author: Vignesh Subramanyan

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